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Equipment for conveying friction lines on the ground in automobile painting workshop


Friction transmission line has become a new generation of mechanized transportation equipment with the advantages of simple structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance, energy saving, low noise and no oil pollution.

Application scope of friction line in automobile production line: the main application scope of friction line is: transportation and storage of welded body-in-white to painting workshop, pre-painting treatment line, PVC painting line, wax spraying line, transportation and storage line of painting to final assembly painted body, final assembly chassis assembly line, door subpackaging line, etc.

Specific structural types of friction lines: Friction transmission lines are mainly divided into two categories from the structural formula, namely, ground friction lines and air suspension friction lines. The friction line is mainly composed of track, turnout, friction drive device, stopper, positioning device, train set, detection device, gas circuit system and electric control system, etc. According to the different transportation requirements of automobile production line, different friction lines are adopted. At present, there are two track types of friction conveyor, one is H-shaped steel, the other is double channel steel, which is welded by bracket.

Working principle of friction line: A complete set of friction conveying equipment is composed of track, turnout, friction driving device, stopper, positioning device, train set, detection device, air circuit system and electric control system. The process function is to transport the car body materials from one station (workshop) to another station (workshop) through the train set, so as to realize the transportation of the car body materials in the automobile production line.