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What is an assembly line? Whats the effect?


Assembly line is an effective combination of man and machine, which fully embodies the flexibility of equipment. It combines conveying system, matching fixture, on-line special machine and testing equipment organically to meet the assembly requirements of various products. The transmission mode of assembly line can be synchronous transmission (forced) or asynchronous transmission (flexible), and manual assembly or semi-automatic assembly can be realized according to the configuration. Assembly line is indispensable in large-scale production of enterprises.

After the assembly line is used, the equipment utilization rate is high. When a group of machine tools enter the assembly line, when a single machine tool is scattered, the output is several times higher than that of the group of machine tools. The production capacity of the assembly line is relatively stable. Automatic processing system consists of one or more machine tools. In case of failure, it has the ability to degrade operation. The material conveying system also has the ability to bypass the faulty machine tool. The product quality of assembly line is high. In the process of machining parts, loading and unloading can be completed once, with high machining precision and stable machining form.

With its highly automated operation technology, assembly line is widely used in meat processing industry, frozen food industry, aquatic products processing industry, beverage and food industry, dairy processing industry, pharmaceutical, packaging, electronics, electrical appliances, auto parts, processing manufacturing industry, agricultural and sideline products processing industry and other industries. It has been widely used in all walks of life.




The assembly line is simple in structure, beautiful in appearance, practical and noiseless. In the process of assembly line transportation, the speed is correct and stable, which can ensure accurate synchronous transportation. There are a large number of assembly lines, which can load more weight. The assembly line is convenient for storage and transportation, and can be used as an assembly line or for storage and transportation of articles. The assembly line has strong adaptability and can work normally in high temperature and dust environment. The aluminum profile of the assembly line is customized and easy to assemble.

Assembly lines are widely used in automobile manufacturing, electric vehicle production, automatic driving production, motorcycle production, production and assembly of other mechanical equipment and construction machinery and other industrial manufacturing industries. Assembly lines are widely used in food industry to package instant noodles, milk, bagged foods, boxed foods and some bulk foods.

The above explanation is the assembly line and its function. I hope it will help you after reading it. If you want to know more about the assembly line, please consult the auto automation production line manufacturer online or call our service hotline (in the upper right corner of the website) for consultation. We will provide you with quality service wholeheartedly!