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Matters needing attention in the installation of accessories in automatic production line




The production line is affected by technical factors, and there are still a series of problems in the design of the roller of automobile automation production line. To deal with these problems, we should further carefully analyze and take countermeasures to improve the effective use of the drum.

The following are some existing problems and countermeasures

First, the roller is worn

According to the running status of the roller in the production line, the rubber layer on the surface of the roller is easy to fall off. The peeling of the surface adhesive layer easily leads to the stress change of the production line belt during operation, which in turn damages the working face of the belt and leads to the belt deviation, which brings potential safety hazards to the normal operation of the equipment.

Rectification measures: During the design process, the support of the roller is lengthened longitudinally and connected with the support of the production line to improve its stability. At the same time, it is in a better working state.

Second, the circumferential weld of the drum is broken

In the running process of production line rollers, rollers at multiple positions are places with large bearing capacity. When the equipment starts up, it bears a great tension, and the cracks formed by incomplete penetration of the weld will spread from the fusion, which will lead to the crack of the weld.

Countermeasures: In order to effectively prevent weld cracking, both the roller and the connecting plate are set on the docking tooling, jacks are set under the tooling to adjust the up and down position of the roller belt, and the steel ruler is placed on the cylindrical surface of the roller belt and the connecting plate, and multi-point error measurement is carried out, and the error of the measurement points is controlled within 1mm. This design is easy to operate and ensures the welding quality of the roller.