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Classification of non-standard automation equipment


Non-standard automation equipment company refers to non-standard automation equipment customized according to customer needs. It also belongs to the field of automation, and its functions are automatic mechanical equipment tailored and customized according to the technological requirements of enterprise users. Its operation is convenient and flexible, and its functions can be added according to the requirements of users, with large room for change. At present, it is commonly used in the fields of industry, electronics, medical treatment, health and aerospace.

Main industries of automation equipment application: packaging, printing, textile and assembly industries

1. Manufacturing and installation of auto parts in the auto manufacturing industry;

2. Production, transportation and packaging of food industry;

3. Product transportation of electronic and electrical production line;

4. Warehousing facilities in the logistics industry are also widely used;

From the use function, it is divided into: assembly equipment, test equipment, testing equipment, etc.


Morphological classification:

1. auto production line: auto production line roller assembly line, belt assembly line, chain plate assembly line, drying assembly line, differential chain assembly line, plug-in assembly line, assembly line, etc.;

2. Automation equipment: automatic winding machine, automatic soldering machine, automatic assembly machine, automatic testing machine, automatic cutting machine, automatic laser marking machine, automatic sealing machine, automatic screw locking machine, etc.

Packaging category:

Automatic sealing machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic laminating machine, automatic code spraying machine, automatic packing machine and automatic bronzing machine.

Food and beverage processing equipment:

Automatic beverage production line, food packaging machinery, leisure food processing equipment canned food processing equipment

Plastic machinery:

Automatic injection molding machine, masterbatch separator, masterbatch weighing machine, plastic deburring equipment

Battery industry: charging treasure automatic assembly line, automatic lamination machine, battery automatic welding machine, automatic packaging machine, pole piece casing machine, battery cold and hot press, automatic liquid injection machine, pole piece automatic punching machine, battery trimming, folding and ironing machine.

Plug switch industry equipment: automatic riveting machine for plug shrapnel, automatic chamfering and milling machine for plug pole piece,

Micro-switch automatic assembly machine, wall switch plug socket, plug switch automatic assembly machine, terminal automatic assembly machine, socket three-pole module automatic assembly machine.

Automobile manufacturing industry: wheel hub automatic grinding and polishing, automobile fuse assembly machine, automobile automatic production line, automobile connector automatic assembly machine

Connectors: twist needle automatic bulging machine, wire spring hole automatic threading machine, pin automatic crimping machine, pin diameter sorting machine, RJ connector automatic assembly machine, connector automatic needle inserting machine, optical fiber automatic assembly machine, jack automatic closing machine, twist needle automatic detection and alignment machine, USB automatic assembly machine, HDMI female socket automatic insertion machine and automobile connector automatic assembly machine.

Mobile phone industry: mobile phone interface automatic assembly machine, mobile phone screen laminating machine, mobile phone shield attaching machine, mobile phone screen laminating machine and mobile phone automatic code spraying machine

Hardware accessories industry: automatic assembly machine for door and window actuators, semi-automatic assembly machine for spring steel balls, automatic assembly machine for hinges, automatic assembly machine for door handles, automatic grinding and polishing machine for door handles, automatic assembly machine for crescent locks, automatic bending machine for steering angles and automatic cutting machine for hardware profiles.

Automatic assembling machine for security locks: automatic drilling and rounding machine for lock core, automatic assembling machine for lock core, automatic drilling machine for lock core and automatic milling and deburring machine for key.

Cosmetic container pump head series: trigger pump head automatic assembly machine, standard trigger pump head automatic assembly machine, chemical pump head automatic assembly machine and medical disinfection pump head automatic assembly machine. Soft and hard pipe assembling machine.

Electronic and electrical industry: earphone automatic assembly machine, LED lamp automatic assembly machine, igniter automatic assembly machine, electrical parts automatic assembly machine, drinking water cooler automatic soldering machine, skeleton automatic needle inserting machine.

Robot automation equipment: robot automatic welding, robot automatic grinding and polishing, robot automatic material taking.