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What are the methods to adjust the assembly line


The transmission mode of the assembly line can be either the forced mode of synchronous transmission or the flexible mode of asynchronous transmission. According to the choice of configuration, the requirements of assembly and transportation can be realized. The conveyor line is indispensable in the batch production of enterprises, saving labor cost and improving production efficiency for enterprises. The following automobile automation production line manufacturer Kunyang Automation will take you to know what methods the assembly line has to adjust.

1. The production capacity of each process on the assembly line is balanced and proportional, and bottlenecks are not allowed. The materials needed for production must be delivered in time, accurately and qualified according to the beat.

2. All kinds of auxiliary processes of production and material distribution activities are centered around the assembly line. Raw materials and parts should be delivered online from each district according to the requirements, so that the products on the line are moving, the workers are relatively fixed, and the assembly line is "served".


3. The production process of the assembly line is continuously repeated according to a certain beat, and its operation is efficient and has strong rhythm. Discontinuities are generally not allowed in the middle. Therefore, the long waiting time of products and the intermittent processing time of equipment are basically not allowed. Therefore, the amount of time that the assembly line stops production due to various interference factors (such as the quality of parts, untimely material delivery or wrong material often leading to line stoppage) is usually used as a comprehensive production evaluation index to measure the assembly line or production operation.

4. Only one or a few series products with similar process structure are produced on the assembly line, and the materials only move in one direction.