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N95 mask machine

N95 mask machine

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  • Date of issue:2021-04-01
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Second, the basic information of equipment

1. job content: make KN95 mask without breathing valve

2. Product size: universal mask size

3. Manpower demand: 1 person

4. Method of incoming materials: manual feeding

5. blanking method: automatic blanking 6. production time: 30-45


7. Yield: 96%

Third, the production process


IV. Equipment use requirements

1. power demand: 220V 13.5kw

2. gas demand: 0.6Mpa 3. floor area: L*W*H=6600*1700*1800mm

V. Description of operation flow

1. manually place the raw materials of products on the material rack;

2. Workers turn on the press rollers in turn to put the raw materials into the thread body;

3. Workers press the equipment start button;

4. The equipment is automatically manufactured according to the set working procedure;

5. Workers patrol the line to solve the problems encountered in the operation of the equipment in time;

6. Workers go to the other side to replace the full material frame;

7. When the raw materials are used up, the workers repeat the above operation process.