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What should be considered in the design of non-standard automation equipment?




The purpose of non-standard automation equipment design is to make people get rid of in-depth work and improve productivity. How can non-standard automation planners make equipment more humane and simpler in the planning process? In the planning, you need to consider the following factors:

1. If there is something wrong with your non-standard automation machine, it should be easy to debug. When planning the structure of the non-standard automation machine, it is necessary to assemble the floor in the area with simple problems, so that it can be easily disassembled during debugging.

2. Non-standard automation and environmental protection. Some wastes produced in the production process must be recycled in time. Non-standard automation

3. Reduce noise. Excessive noise is not allowed in human ears, so it is necessary to reduce vibration in noisy areas. Non-standard automation

4. Non-standard automatic machines are safe. In the whole production process, people are the main body of production, so the safety performance of non-standard automatic machines must be considered.

5. Humanized work. It is convenient and quick to carry non-standard automatic machines, which can be used to install wheels under non-standard automatic machines. Non-standard automation

The above factors should be taken into account when planning non-standard automation to promote the planner's plan, improve the safety of personnel and reduce the noise pollution of the factory.