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Development of non-standard automation industry


According to the analysis of the "2019-2025 China's non-standard automation industry in-depth analysis and investment strategy research consulting report" released by China Research Institute of Industry, although the market size of non-standard customized equipment has increased, it has not been able to develop on a large scale; Pursuing takenism, less innovation and research and development, and plagiarism under the banner of reference have seriously reduced the enthusiasm of enterprises to develop new technologies and applications; Over time, it has affected the technical ability of China's non-standard automation equipment industry, making the core always in the hands of European and American enterprises, and relying on polluting the environment, selling physical strength, demolishing houses and building houses to develop the economy, which is a very sad thing; The threshold of non-standard testing equipment enterprises is low, and the quality of personnel is uneven; The industry is loose, and there is no organizational advantage. Non-standard equipment enterprises are more alert, fearing that their technology will be learned by others, that their customers will be taken away by others, and that their backbone personnel will be poached by others.

This kind of non-communication and cooperation has led to the non-standard equipment falling into the mud pit of price competition; The advantages of scale enterprises are not obvious. Although small enterprises are the mainstream of non-standard industries, there are some medium-sized non-standard enterprises with more than 100 employees. The annual output value of these medium-sized non-standard enterprises is tens of millions, but due to management problems, designers and equipment personnel have not shown enough sense of responsibility, resulting in unsatisfactory product quality performance of some medium-sized non-standard enterprises. Over time, many manufacturers turn to small non-standard enterprises to buy relatively cheap non-standard products.


As a system engineering, it consists of five units: ① program unit. Decide what to do and how to do it. ② action unit. Apply energy and position. ③ sensing unit. Test the performance and status of the process. ④ make the unit. Comparing the information sent by the sensing unit, making and sending out instruction signals. ⑤ Control unit. Make and adjust the mechanism of the action unit. The research contents of non-standard automation mainly include automatic control and information processing, including theory, method, hardware and software. From the application point of view, the research contents include process non-standard automation, machinery manufacturing non-standard automation, management non-standard automation, laboratory non-standard automation and home non-standard automation. With the accumulation of experience and the support of industrial policies, the development depth and breadth of China's non-standard automation equipment manufacturing industry has gradually increased. The intelligent equipment industry system represented by automatic complete production line equipment, intelligent control system, right-angle industrial robots and industrial robots, and new sensors has initially taken shape, and a number of major intelligent equipment with independent intellectual property rights have achieved breakthroughs.

If you want to know more about the professional analysis of the industry, please pay attention to the research report of China Research Institute Puhua, "2019-2025 China's non-standard automation industry in-depth analysis and investment strategy research consulting report"