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Requirements for good non-standard automation equipment!


When selling non-standard automation equipment, there will always be customers who think that the price of our equipment is too high, and they will ask me why your price is so high. In this case, I will definitely tell customers that the cost performance and reliability of our equipment are also relatively high. The following automobile automation production line manufacturers will talk about the design ideas of non-standard automation equipment and the business philosophy of Qibu.

The purpose of ordering non-standard automation equipment is to improve the production efficiency of factories, reduce costs, improve the quality and output of products, and to solve some stations and actions that are difficult to achieve in manual production. Therefore, the requirements for the reliability and stability of equipment are very high. This requires our design engineers to have a good understanding of the process of the product, and analyze in detail what technical indexes the equipment should meet to meet the minimum (even zero) failure rate when the product is produced through the equipment, and to meet the production speed and tempo required by customers.


So what are the basic requirements for equipment to meet these standards?

1. Quality requirements of devices used in equipment:

The quality of devices used in equipment preparation is very high, so the quality requirements for pneumatic components, guiding components, circuit components, control systems, mechanical devices, etc. used in equipment are very high.) The suppliers selected by our company are all world-famous brand suppliers, and the original parts used are also devices that have been continuously tested to meet the index requirements.

2. Design ability of design engineers:

Engineers who design non-standard automation equipment must have rich design experience and be familiar with many different process requirements and indicators. Be able to judge the production requirements of various processes, and judge the key points that should be paid attention to in the production of various processes in time to ensure the reliability, safety and stability of equipment production.

3. Equipment assembly and commissioning and trial production services:

After the equipment customized by customers is assembled in our company, it will be repeatedly tested by our internal engineers. After the performance of each index of the debugging equipment reaches good condition, the customer will be notified to come to our company for preliminary acceptance, and the customer will be given preliminary operation training as well as training on the internal performance of the equipment and various required indexes. Then, the company arranges professional after-sales engineers to go to the customer's factory together with the equipment, to carry out trial production in the customer's factory, coordinate the customer's preparations for power supply and gas source, and then start the formal trial production.

In addition, hand-held on-site professional training is provided to the client operators during the trial production. Training content includes the operation and use of equipment, as well as common maintenance knowledge and debugging methods. Until the trial production of the equipment is good on the client side, and the client-side operators are skilled in the indicators that need to be known in the use and maintenance of the equipment.

4. Quality after-sales service:

The free warranty period of our equipment is one year. In the first year, if there is any non-man-made damage to the equipment, our company will arrange professional after-sales engineers to repair the equipment free of charge.

5. Summary:

High-quality equipment performance and efficient after-sales service can ensure customers to achieve smooth production, ensure output and quality and reduce production costs when using our equipment.