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The first test of AICRobo industrial autonomous handling robot: helping industrial automation to reduce costs and improve efficiency


The continuous development of automation is gradually infiltrating into the warehousing and logistics industry, and it also brings great changes in the new economic form to the warehousing and logistics industry. Through the changes brought by automation, merchants can explore the long-term development value of warehousing and logistics industry in multiple dimensions, improve the supply efficiency of the industrial chain, effectively broaden the horizontal development channels, and create intelligent warehousing and logistics to reduce costs and improve efficiency in the true sense.

Recently, FT210, an industrial autonomous handling robot of AICRobo Robot Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (AIC Robo for short), was tested in Shenzhen factory of a well-known electronic professional manufacturer. The success of the first test means that the upgrading and transformation of industrial automation has risen to a higher level.

According to the actual field situation, AICRobo industrial autonomous handling robot adds the function of "carrying" on the basis of the original autonomous transportation robot, and completes the autonomous transportation function with the robot technology such as lidar+inertial navigation combination. The AICRobo industrial autonomous handling robot is set according to the procedure of the production management engineer, and carries out the handling work between multiple material storage areas and production areas. When the robot goes to the material storage area to find goods independently, the secondary positioning mark set in front of the shelf in the storage area can help the robot find the shelf to be transported more accurately, and then the robot transports the materials together with the shelf to the production area, and the production personnel only need to wait for the arrival of the shelf in the production area, and take out the materials after the robot stabilizes the shelf. After picking up the materials, the robot will move the shelves to the designated area. In the working process of AICRobo industrial autonomous handling robot, various obstacles, such as transparent obstacles, reflective obstacles, suspended obstacles, low obstacles, etc., were successfully realized with the advanced autonomous mobile technology of AICRobo Company.

The highlight of AICRobo industrial autonomous handling robot, which is similar to "trackless AGV", is that it is perfectly combined with the workflow of enterprises, and can be directly applied without modifying the existing working environment, so as to realize the complementary advantages of this product in technology, service and labor cost. Through the full cooperation in the automatic production management system, the production efficiency can be effectively expanded. The flexible integration of AICRobo industrial autonomous handling robot and traditional automatic management methods brings more systematic and complete solutions to factories and enterprises.

It is also reported that the innovative technology of AICRobo industrial autonomous handling robot has reached a new height, which reduces the labor intensity of workers, reduces the cost and improves the efficiency of production management. This series of advantages is due to the intelligent mobile system of AICANS robot independently developed by Aiken Radish Company. The AICANS system has successfully realized the functions of environment construction, real-time positioning, intelligent obstacle avoidance, path planning and autonomous recharging of autonomous handling robot. In addition, the seamless docking and deep cooperation between the system and each sensor enables the robot to help workshop engineers successfully complete the material transportation task. By docking the factory production management system and collecting the behavior data in the production process, accurate workshop operation management can be realized.

Finally, the relevant person in charge of the automobile automation production line manufacturer said: "The integration of the traditional production management mode of each enterprise with intelligent management solutions can give full play to their respective advantages, improve productivity and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. AICRobo industrial autonomous handling robot not only effectively solves the existing pain points of traditional industrial production, but also lays the necessary foundation for industrial application in a wider field in the future, and further extracts new potential energy for forward development. "