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Automatic production line of main steps



Most of the main production lines or process routes and the labor of the products in operation, and decide the production lines such as processing machines, equipment, arrangement and layout of machines and equipment required for certain types of products to be completed. Line with greater flexibility and adaptability to various production requirements; According to the production conditions, the assembly line is an advanced production organization form; In terms of product specifications, there are more complex and more components, and each product will not produce too many. Without machinery and equipment companies, the production line can achieve good economic benefits.

The automobile automation production line has the following steps:

1. first determine the takt time: no matter what products are finished at its time.

2. Process: only one product, parts handling, assembly, processing and material receiving.

3. Guide: Establish a vision that can understand the takt time of equipment.

4.U-shaped line: arrange counterclockwise rotation according to the engineering sequence. One person is responsible for exporting and importing equipment. V 5.AB control: only when the project is not a product, the product of the engineering project. V 6. lamp: deviation of products conveyed by the device in the production process.

7. Received items: line products to meet the needs of the items.