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Advantages and application scope of automatic production line


Automobile automatic production line is a production system, which consists of workpiece conveying system and control system, connects a group of automatic machine tools and auxiliary equipment according to the process sequence, and automatically completes all or part of the manufacturing process of products.


Products produced by automatic line should have enough output; Product design and process should be advanced, stable and reliable, and remain basically unchanged for a long time. Using automatic line in mass production can improve labor productivity, stabilize and improve product quality, improve working conditions, reduce production floor area, reduce production cost, shorten production cycle, ensure production balance and have remarkable economic benefits.

Automatic production line automatically operates or controls according to specified procedures or instructions without human intervention, and its goal is "stable, accurate and fast". Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military affairs, scientific research, transportation, commerce, medical treatment, service and family. The adoption of automatic production line can not only liberate people from heavy manual labor, partial mental labor and harsh and dangerous working environment, but also expand the functions of human organs, greatly improve labor productivity and enhance the ability of human beings to understand and transform the world.


applied range

In the mechanical manufacturing industry, there are automatic lines such as casting, forging, stamping, heat treatment, welding, cutting and mechanical assembly, and there are also integrated automatic lines including processes with different properties, such as blank manufacturing, processing, assembly, inspection and packaging.

Automatic cutting line has the fastest development and the widest application in machinery manufacturing industry. There are mainly: automatic line of combined machine tool for processing box, shell and miscellaneous parts; Automatic line composed of general, specialized or special automatic machine tools for machining parts such as shafts and rings; Automatic machining line for rotating body; Rotor automatic line for machining small parts with simple working procedure.

1. Determine the takt time first: No matter what kind of products, they will be manufactured within the exact time when they must be completed.

2. Unit process: only for one product, carry, assemble, process unit accessories and collect materials.

3. Pilot: A device that can understand takt time by visual inspection.

4. U-shaped production line: the equipment is arranged counterclockwise according to the engineering sequence, and one person is responsible for the exit and entrance.

5. AB control: only when there is no product in the post-project, but there is product in the pre-project, the project will be carried out.

6. Light signal: a device for conveying the abnormal shape of products in the production line process.

7. Post-project collection: the products of the production line should meet the needs of post-project.